List of Donors

with deepest gratitude from the Tanevski family
and the American College of Thessaloniki

Up-dated: 2004-12-26,  TOTAL: 22150 ª

The prize winner '04, Biljana Meskovska, was awarded 1500 EU of the above total amount, in June '04.

Honorary Donors

  METAXAS S.A.   Greece
*order by date of donation deposition


  S.A. INDELEC   France
  CHR. HANSEN   Denmark
  DAKO Cytomation   Denmark
  Schering CIS BIO International   France
  Alkaloid   Rep. Macedonia
  Pivara Skopje   Rep. Macedonia
  Samanta   Rep. Macedonia
  Hemofarm   Rep. Macedonia
*order by date of donation deposition

Organisations / Institutions / Foundations

  Rotary Voorburg   Netherlands
  Open Society Institute (Ge.Soros)   Rep. Macedonia
  "New Balkan Politics" journal - new issue promotion   LIST
  Student Governement of ACT   Greece
  Gjorce Petrov Community   Rep. Macedonia
  Rotary member   USA
  ACT Drama Club   Greece
*order by date of donation deposition


  Family Tanevski   Rep. Macedonia
  Family Karbevski   Rep. Macedonia
   Ms. Stefanova Elena   Austria
  Mr. Nacev Strahil   USA
   Ms. & Mr. Spirovski Rada & Jakim   Serbia and Montenegro
  Mr. Vasilios Blatsas, ACT, Busin.Spec.Coord.   Greece
  Mr. Richard Jackson, ACT President   Greece
  Fam. Spirovski Biljana & Goran    Canada
  Mr. Simeon Vassiliadis, student ACT   Greece
  Ms. Anastasia Kordoni, student ACT   Greece
  Mr. Giannis Kouriotis, student ACT   Greece
  Mr. Dimitris Tsouris   Greece
  Ms. Christina Papdimitriou, Prof. ACT   Greece
  Mr. Iraklis Papadopoulos, Dir.Rec. ACT   Greece
  Mr. Vincent Mueller, Chair ACT   Greece
  Mr. Yanis Tsorbatzoglou, ACT   Greece
  Fam. Zivanovic Biljana & Goran    Canada
  Family Korobar   Rep. Macedonia
  Mr. Panos Vlachos, ACT   Greece
  Mr. Joe Gratale, ACT   Greece
  Ms. Georgia Nenopoulou, ACT   Greece
  Ms. Maria Kalaitzopoulou, ACT   Greece
  Ms. Iliana Siori   Greece
  Ms. Maria Kyriakidou, ACT   Greece
  Ms Daphni Lamprou, ACT   Greece
  Fam. Milanovic Liljana & Predrag   Serbia and Montenegro
  Fam. Milanovic Darko & Anita    Canada
  Ms. Eleni Godi, ACT   Greece
  Family Belarbi   France
  Mr. Alexandros Nikolopoulos   Greece
  Mullen Filitsa & John, ACT   Greece
  Fam. Gjurovski Bojana i Dusan   Rep. Macedonia
  Ms. Madzurkarova Vera   Rep. Macedonia
  Mr. Vankovski Milan   Rep. Macedonia
  Mr. Ralev Misko   Rep. Macedonia
  Friends of Zivanovic family    Canada
  Mr. William McGrew, ACT   Greece
*order by date of donation deposition

Special thanks to Scan Point, Rep. Macedonia for printing the Fund leaflets, and to Igor Kuzmanovski and Kire Zvezdakoski for their precious help in building this web site.

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