Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund

   On 17th April 2003, the American College of Thessaloniki, organized a memorial event in honour of Borjan Tanevski, graduate of ACT in 2002. The president of the College - Mr. Jackson, the Dean – Ms. Kazazis, the professors and students addressed the people present at the memorial event.

   The College initiated a “Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund” and the organizing committee was formed. Every year, a Borjan Tanevski essay prize will be awarded, on a set topic in social and political sciences, to support his ideas for peace and cooperation in the Balkans. The winner of the prize will be announced on 27th April – Borjan’s birthday.

   The Student Union, initiated and organised a tree planting in the College, in loving memory of Borjan Tanevski.

   We, the Tanevski family, are very grateful for the impressive memorial event.

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President Jackson, Prof Mueller, Prof Wisner and Tanevski family

Dame Damevski, ACT alumni and Borjan's best friend, reading the family message in front of many ACT students and friends

Prof Wisner's message

Prof Tsorbatzoglou, one of Borjan's favourite professors

Tanevski family good friends and business partners, Aristotelis and Ipathios

Mums & daughters (Dorka, Myrto, Christina, Vinka) with sad smiles

The marble memorial plaque and Christina's flowers

Borjan's tree and his favourite library in the background - the Bissell's library

Borjan's good friends - Prof Syrri, Georgios, Kostas, Prof Mueller, Dame and Tanevski family in front of the Bissell's library

The initiators of the Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund - Prof Mueller, Prof Tsorbatzoglou and Prof Wisner discussing with Tanevski family

The first meeting of the OC team of the Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund
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