Promotion of the fund in Skopje

          The promotion of the Fund in Skopje was held together with the promotion of the new issue of "New Balkan Politics" journal. Prof. Dr. Maleska, who collaborated with Borjan at the time for different sources of information for his essays in ACT, and who now is a member of the jury for the essay prize of the Fund, is also an editor-in-chief of the "New Balkan Politics" journal. She proposed to publish in the future the awarded essay in the journal ( Only this issue was distributed on the basis of free donations that were collected for the Fund.

         For more information about the event please read on ACT web page.

  Media coverage:

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  • MTV1 news, National TV, 17th Dec. 2003
  • MTV3 news, Chanel for the minorities, news in Albanian, 17th Dec. 2003
  • TV Telma
    (links of the TV reports are unavailable on the site)
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