Borjan's Dream

This was Borjan's dream according to Dimitar Pancevski, his very good friend since childhood. In June 2002, after being accepted at the London School of Economics and at the same time obtaining a scholarship from the Foundation "Roi Baudouin" for the College of Europe, extremely happy and satisfied, he told him:

"One day, if I become an Important Person, I will give a scholarship to young students to go to ACT where I gained a great education that helped me reach the LSE and the College of Europe. I will make an interview with the students and I will personally ask them what their dreams and visions are, what do they want to reach in their lives. And if I become a Very Important Person, I will give a scholarship for the College of Europe, well, we'll see…"

Dimitar told us about Borjan's wish in April'03 just before explaining him about the Memorial Fund the ACT initiated in Borjan's memory.

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