Note of the Jury

 Rudi Nderim -Borjan Tanevski scholar 2005  Rudi Nderim and Dr. Tanevski in Skopje

The Jury for the Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund met on Friday the 11th of March 2005 at the American College of Thessaloniki. In accordance with the statute of the Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund and the “Regulations for the Borjan Tanevski Scholarship Essay Competition”, the jury consists of: Dr. Nikos Kourkoumelis, Chair of Business Dept, ACT.; Dr. Vincent C. Müller, Philosophy, ACT; Dr. David Wisner, Chair of International Relations, ACT; Dr. Miljana Maleska, Southeast European University, Tetovo; Dr. Nikos Zaikos, University of Western Macedonia, Florina.

Jury members had received the anonymous submissions to the essay competition on the subject “Would it be in the interest of South-East Europe if Turkey became a member of the European Union?”. We interviewed the two best candidates for about 25 minutes each and then had a discussion about the merits of the candidates. We agreed that both candidates were would be worthy of the award but there was consensus that one candidate had shown better performance in both the essay and the interview. We unanimously decided to name Rudi Nderim “Borjan Tanevski Scholar 2005” and announced the decision to the two candidates.

The Fund is in the process of organizing a conference on the subject of the essay competition. The official award will take place at the 2005 ACT commencement ceremony.

For the Jury,

Vincent C. Müller

Borjan Tanevski Scholarship Essay Competition 2005: subject and regulations

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