Note of the Jury

The Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund is proud to announce the winner of the 2006 essay competition - “Borjan Tanevski Scholar 2006”:

Dukagjin Xerxa

The jury for the Fund met on Monday the 2nd of May 2006 at the American College of Thessaloniki. In accordance with the statute of the Borjan Tanevski Memorial Fund and the “Regulations for the Borjan Tanevski Scholarship Essay Competition”, the jury had received the anonymous submissions to the essay competition on the subject “The Balkans in 10 Years – Imagine!” and had decided that the three best essays were those by Erisa Lame, Julia Krasta and Dukagjin Xerxa. After interviewing each candidate, it the jury decided to name Dukagjin Xerxa “Borjan Tanevski Scholar 2006” and Julia Krasta as runner-up.

 Dukagjin Xerxa - Borjan Tanevski scholar 2006  Dukagjin & Blerina with Tanevski family in ACT

The Fund is organizing a conference on the subject of the essay competition to take place at ACT on May 26th, 2006. The official award will take place at the 2006 ACT commencement ceremony.

Dr. Nikos Kourkoumelis, Chair of Business Division, ACT;
Dr. Miljana Maleska, Southeast European University, Tetovo;
Dr. Vincent C. Mueller, Philosophy, ACT;
Dr. David Wisner, Chair of Social Sciences and Humanities, ACT;
Dr. Nikos Zaikos, University of Western Macedonia, Florina.

Borjan Tanevski Scholarship Essay Competition 2006: subject and regulations

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