Activity of the Physical Education Department

         A volleyball tournament in memory of Borjan Tanevski was held in ACT, Sat. 2nd April and Sun. 3rd April 2004. There was 1' silence before the first game (Saturday at 10am) and before the girls' final game (Sunday at 4pm).
         Borjan was the captain of ACT volley-ball team in 2002 and loved volley-ball very much.

         "Great success for ACT volleyball varsity teams, as they both got the first place in the tournament which was organized in memory of Borjan Tanevski. A weekend full of volleyball, as 7 teams competed against each other and ACT managed, for the first time, to win a tournament.
         Men's team won the first game against MENT (juniors-17) by 3-1 sets and the second against the American College of Sofia (-18) by 3-1 (last January men's team had lost on both games in Sofia).
         Women's team won the first game against the American College of Sofia by 3-1 sets and the first (final game) against the juniors of MENT (-17) by 3-1 sets. (Attached you can find the detailed results from the event.)
         Our next event, the biggest one and with the participation of all varsity teams, is scheduled for May 19-22.The "Invitational Sports Tournament" with main participating institutions the American College of Greece (DEREE College) and the Lebanese American University (LAU) from Beirut, Lebanon, is the annual main athletic event."
         Stepan Partemian,
         Chair of Physical Education Department

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