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The main focus of Brave New Europe was (and remains) to stress the impact of the developments in Europe that are bringing people closer together and further away from fighting for ancient causes and poverty. It was established as a meeting that would inspire a Vision and host a dialogue on the topics relevant to the emerging community. That it would reverberate not only among the growing numbers of Brave New Europeans, but also to be spread in their communities. Borjan Tanevski was a person most disposed to share the message and implement its implications. Unfortunately, Brave New Europe 2002 was one of the last significant and joyful events in his short life. Shortly after attending, he fell ill with a rare form of bone cancer and had lost to the disease. The loss of Borjan is not only a tragedy for his family and friends, but also a loss for Macedonia and South-eastern Europe.

Borjan Tanevski (27. 04. 1980 - 22. 03. 2003) was a participant at the first Brave New Europe Summer University titled Redefining Coexistence. His beliefs and ideas of peace and cooperation in South-eastern Europe were resonant among the people who knew him. Described as inspiring, as having a great sense of humor, charm and being very intelligent, he was an outstanding and cosmopolitan person (he spoke French, English, Greek and also some Arabic). He had studied at the American College of Thessaloniki, where he graduated with honors and received a full fellowship from the College Of Europe in Natolin. His goals were to contribute bringing Macedonia and the wider region closer to EU. Sadly, his path was abruptly ended and many chapters are now missing from his book of life.

The main goal of the Borjan Tanevski Award is to give a small incentive to South-eastern European Youth to think and act for a significant goal of which results would remain. To write and produce ideas, projects and art that would share and inspire the sentiment of positive change in South-eastern Europe. The Award shall be given to an outstanding contributor by JEF Slovenia and International Relations Student Association (IRSA) in the form of a tuition waiver, fully covered travel expenses and a symbolic reward.

The Award is open only to participants coming from South-eastern Europe (SEE).

This year's key topics for the Award: SEE and Youth

- What are the most significant changes that have taken place in SEE in the last five years?
- What are the major challenges, obstacles or opportunities that SEE Youth faces?
- What is the role of youth in tackling these changes and challenges?
- How did/can you personally contribute to your community?

The winning contribution would connect the individual experience with a global or a regional one. We are looking for your own inspiring stories of positive changes, how you or a person from your community led to improvement. Essays may be accompanied in the following forms: power point presentation, video and/or photography. Send it along with the participation application to our e-mail address

Your contributions should reach our Inbox by April 15th, 2004.

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