There is a sad seagull, oh yes
Drifting through my tears
There is a hollow life, oh yes
Without a day to be born for him.

He has a pair of eyes so very warm
Searching for a dream through the doorway of life
A sad seagull spread his wings in my soul
As the soul listens to it.

Listen, there cries a dear seagull, oh yes
After the setting sun
Searching for help, searching for strength, oh yes
To save him from the dark.

Refrain: Fly quietly my sad seagull, touch the sun
Capture it in in a trice, give me a little piece of quiet blue sky
And warm my soul /x2
Fly through my tears, oh my sad seagull
Fly to the sky, oh my sad seagull
Fly towards the warm eyes sinking in the dark
Give them a dream, fly, save them, ahaaaaaah

Verica Ristevska

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