Application form for Brave New Europe Summer University

Extracurricular activities (Membership in NGOs, work...)

-Sector for European Integration, Government of the Republic of Macedonia, 01.2002 – 02.2002. Non-Paid Internship
-Former Secretary International of Union of Secondary School Students of Macedonia (USM), member of the Organizing Bureau of European Secondary School Unions(OBESSU)

Motivation: (50 words):

Why would you like to come to this event?
During my university education, I have, at numerous occasions, read publications (books and articles) written by several of the guest speakers at the seminar, and especially Ms. Wallace and Mr. Wessels. Attending a seminar where I could meet these persons and hear their latest insights on European Integration as well as discuss upon these with other participants from Europe is a challenge I wouldn’t want to miss.

Intention (50 words):

Where do You see yourself in 10, 20 years, where would you like to be, and what would you like to do?
Being accepted at the College of Europe and at LSE’s graduate programs in European Integration studies, I have made a firm decision to become actively involved in the “Europeanization” process that my country tries to pursue. I would like to commit all my efforts, in any form, towards the least painful and fastest way of transition and integration of Macedonia towards modern Europe. At the moment, I would like to develop the “European Idea” in the country and enhance the knowledge and understanding of the EU in Macedonia. In the more distant future, I am determined to take on a career that would serve the country in its adaptation to the EU standards it will have to meet.

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