Application for College of Europe - Interests and motivation

  Why do you wish to study at the College of Europe and what motivated your choice of study programme?

  Being a citizen of a country from the Balkans, I have felt at several occasions in the past as if I was not considered to be a citizen of Europe. This continuous frustration was one of the key factors that led me to choose a university programme that puts emphasis on the European Union. In this manner, I could study the EU integration process and help my country become a member of the EU in the future. In my opinion, there is no other institution offering post-graduate studies that can prepare me better for achieving my plans than the College of Europe. It is a school that prepares and trains future EU integration leaders in the best possible manner. I am interested in the “EU pre-accession” concentration, mainly because I come from a country belonging exactly to this phase of the integration process, and I think that this program will provide a systematic overview of the transition of a country to an EU member state by putting parallel emphasis on political, economic and legal matters concerning EU pre-accession. From the College of Europe I expect nothing but the best in terms of academic guidance towards the successful accomplishment of my goals. I would be very pleased if I could take part in the multi-cultural European academic environment that the College of Europe offers in the year of 2002-2003.

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